Workshops/ Talks/ Communication

- 'Art under the Microscope' The Whipple Museum of Science, Cambridge, 14h December 2016

-'Through the looking glass' (Optics and microscopy) Central Saint Martins (March 2016).

- 'Catching the light' working with Glass artist Shelley James, Moorfields BRC (July 2015 - Dec 2015).

- SAW Trust/Cambridge Science Centre 'Perception' Festival of Ideas (Nov 2013).

- BBC Radio 'The Naked Scientist'  interviewed on Art and Science collaborations (Feb 2013).

- SAW Trust/Cambridge Science Centre 'What Colour is light?' (Feb 2013)

- SAW Trust - Wicklewood School

Looking glass 1
Looking glass 2
Moorfields 1
Moorfields 2
'Through the Looking Glass' 2016
'Catching the Light' 2015, with Shelley James
Jenny Walsh

Glass played a crucial role in enabling man to see beyond the visual eye. In this workshop we discovered how skilled craftsmen learnt how to grind glass and change its composition to revolutionise the way we investigate the microscopic world.
To celebrate the International Year of Light, I assisted Shelley James in presenting a series of workshops that invited staff and patients, associated with Moorfields Eye Hospital Research Institute, to create glass ‘light catchers’ and write a few words on what light meant to them.
‘Art under the Microscope’  2016

Whipple museum curates an internationally important collection of scientific instruments and
models. Participants learn from experts the historic landmark progressions of microscopy and the
role glass played; inspired they created their own microscope glass slides.