Jenny Walsh

Jenny is a glass artist who not only recognises the decorative qualities of glass, but also the significant role glass has played in scientific discoveries, from the humble test tube to the microscope.

© Jenny Walsh
Jenny Walsh


Most recently Jenny has been investigating the role glass has played in the restimulation of
neural pathways. Through extensive experimentation in glass and copper, which are used
in some electrical interfaces, Jenny has adapted and refined traditional glass techniques to
create a series of free-standing glass sculptures that reflect the neuron form; the basic
building blocks of the nervous system.
Action Potential is a sculpture that reflects the human body’s neural pathways. The light sequence represents the neural impulses, a cascade of information that travels through the body. The work is informed by the historical influence of glass in scientific innovation and the role of electricity in re-stimulating neural pathways. The work combines the inert and insulating properties of glass with the conducting properties of copper, to develop electrical interfaces that augment and enhance the body’s functions.

(This work was made in collaboration with Devereux & Huskie Glassworks and Jeremy Keenan, Specialist Technician in Physical Computing at Central Saint Martins.)
(Photography by Ester Segre)
Latest - Spin Glass, March 2018

Spin Glass is an interactive sculpture, inspired by head direction cells - brain cells that create our sense of direction.
This work is in collaboration with Kate Jeffery, a Professor in Behavioural Neuroscience at University College London and Jeremy Keenan, Physical Computing Specialist.